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The party

Saturday there's the party. If the weather is fine we'll go blokarting, that's basically sailing in a buggy on the beach. Right now the forecast for Saturday is warm, but very little wind, so actually it may be too nice; if there's not enough wind we'll choose an alternative which could be kayaking or wave surfing. I really hope we can do the sailing thing, for wave surfing is not my thing. I've seen it in a swimming pool once and it looked a bit boring. Kayaking may be nice though, especially with 26 degrees.

If that is possible

I did not know that so many people have joint problems. I have to write an article about this and to know more I searched on the internet to read more about this subject. I did not realize at all that almost all the older people has some joint problems. Of course there are some people who have really severe problems and a lot of pain every day and there are also people who can have problems sometimes. But nevertheless it is a really good thing that a lot of people are investigating how joint problems can be cured if ...